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Jennifer Nowicki has it all: years of teaching experience, the highest level of training as a Certified Academic Language Therapist, and most importantly patience. Our child has one of the more severe forms of dyslexia with ADHD on top of it. Jennifer took him from a rising second grader who didn't solidly know all 26 letter names, sounds, or their proper formation to a boy mid-third grade who can accurately decode words, has improved his blending skills, and is starting to progress through early reader books. We felt the public school system, as evidenced by his lack of progress, could not adequately remediate his form of dyslexia and that he needed the one-on-one, customized lesson planning and expertise that Jennifer could provide. We really appreciate her emphasis on needing to reach concept mastery before moving on -- something that is not afforded most students in the public school system and something that is so important for becoming a confident reader. Our son still has a ways to go in this marathon of learning to read with double-deficit dyslexia but as his parents we are so thankful to have the help of an expert like Jennifer.

I had Jennifer tutor my son when it seemed hopeless that he’d ever learn how to read. I was at my wit’s end. He was the lowest performing reader in his entire grade and needed to repeat first grade. That is when I hired Jennifer to teach Ben how to read. Jennifer managed to do what neither I nor any other teacher could do. She was so great at meeting him where he was at and working with him at the pace he needed. She worked hard to pick reading material that would engage him and she worked with his unique way of thinking and operating. It was very difficult for any teacher to get Ben to focus at that time, but Jennifer somehow managed to get him to focus enough when she worked with him. I still can’t believe it, he was so distractible at that time.


My son is now an excellent student, getting straight A’s. Last year my boy, who was diagnosed with Disorder of Written Expression, won his middle school's Walt Whitman writing award. I would not have imagined this in my wildest dreams. I honestly thought he’d never learn to read before I hired Jennifer. I am so grateful to her for kickstarting his love of literature and learning. 

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